Fashion photoshoots we love – Water & Oil (Steven Meisel)

Steven Miesel’s recent photoshoot for Vogue Italia this month (August 2010) is disturbing yet inspiring and addresses the current issue of oil spills and pollution – who says fashion doesn’t have a social conscience?

The clothes do get a bit lost in the photos but we think it’s beautiful, haunting imagery nonetheless.

… a special shout out to American model Kristen McMenamy who does an amazing job lying in all that disgusting gunk – and making it believable. Urgh, the hours spent cleaning out that stuff from your hair…we feel your pain, girlfriend!

Overall, it’s a social commentary about bad things that are happening in our world today but presented in a fashion-y way. This ‘Water & Oil’ shoot strikes close to home; Sabah is also facing some similar potential pollution issues with the coal plant that the Malaysian government plans to build on the East Coast of our state. Let’s hope this nature-destroying project never becomes a reality.

Meanwhile…more fashion shots…

Steven Meisel is a genius, btw. Love his work.

Have a great week!

The Sabah Fashion Blog

Disclaimer: The Sabah Fashion blog does not own any of these photos. All images on this post are sourced from We just love the images and want to share them with our readers, if the image owners would like it removed from our blog, pls contact us at our email Thank you.


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