Project Runway Malaysia: Felix Chin (Winner)

If you’re into fashion, there is not a chance on earth that you haven’t heard of Project Runway, the Emmy Award-winning US-based reality show that pits talented newcomers in a competition to search for the next big US fashion designer. The success of the US version soon had other countries starting their own shows, most notably Project Runway Canada and Project Runway Australia.

Well, a few years back (2007), there was actually a Project Runway Malaysia (PRM) on 8TV, and guess what, the winner was Sabah-born designer Felix Chin!

Watch the Project Runway Malaysia finale show here:

To be fair, the style bunnies at The Sabah Fashion Blog agree with YouTube comments that Felix lucked out in the runway finale; sure, the first 10 of his 12-piece collection was interesting and showed his bold POV despite his inexplicable love of the movie ‘Transformers’ – which inspired his final collection. The 11th look was, eh..okay. But we felt his 12th/final blue dress on the runway was all sorts of bland and felt looked unfinished. You just know that something is wrong with a dress when the model can barely walk in it! Or…was it caused by the shoes? 

Of the three PRM finalists, we felt that Alexandrea Yeo had the strongest, most interesting and provocative concept. Maybe she wanted it to reflect her ideas of  ‘self-mutilation’ – e.g. cigarette burns, razor cuts, etc but the combination of idea, dark tone/theme and execution was perhaps a bit too morbid for the judges in context of this competition? Who knows? We liked it – okay, maybe not as a whole collection but definitely each piece by its own merits. We reckon that Felix’s collection told a more cohesive story, the final look notwithstanding.

Hence, Felix was given the win. 

As for finalist Hatta Dolmat…well, erm..we like his hair…lovely. 

That said, it was evident that he too, put a lot of heart and effort into his final collection. Kudos for that.

Only the finale episode of Project Runway Malaysia has been uploaded on YouTube. It would have been nice to see and review the other episodes and talents of all the Project Runway Malaysia contestants.

Sadly, there is no news on whether there will be another Project Runway Malaysia. Shame, really. It was one of the better reality shows on Malaysian TV.

-The Sabah Fashion Blog-




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