Welcome to The Sabah Fashion Blog!

We started this blog as a resource for all things fashion in Sabah – be it in fashion design, fashion photography, make-up trends, current fashion-related events, products, grooming and other useful information for those who love fashion and the art of clothing.

The aim of this blog is to be inspirational, to be a platform for Malaysians in Sabah to express their fashion talents and creative ideas.

We want to highlight:

Local fashion and accessories designers
Aspiring designers, stylists and creative people who express themselves through fashion.

Up-and-coming Sabah-born models
Local men and women for both commercial and editorial shoots.

Local Talents in Fashion Photography
Budding amateurs and professional image-makers from Sabah showcasing their visual style and fashion point-of-view .

Hair & Make-up gurus
Portfolios of the beauty specialists who make models look spectacular.

Personal Style
Useful articles, tips and tricks on how to look your best, clothing maintenance
and shopping advice – of course!

Fashion News
What’s going on in Sabah and Malaysia in the world of fashion, spotlight on stylish Sabah-born personalities plus fashion commentaries from contributing guest writers.

Join us on this exciting new fashion blog! 


The Sabah Fashion Blog

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